My role is as a Servant Leader - I provide the support and guidance that you request. You know your capabilities the best, and your PMP success will be driven by your efforts (not mine). I provide a framework for success - it is your decision on whether you follow it or not.

Program Kickoff 

A key attitude of a successful Project Manager is proactivity, so there are a few items to ensure that you start the program with momentum

  1. Get your PMI Membership in place - WWW.PMI.ORG - this provides you access to a softcopy of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and the Agile Practice Guide There are two versions of the PMBOK you need. You can order a hardcopy if desired - the best price is as a member through PMI.ORG\
  2. Start your PMP Application - also through WWW.PMI.ORG - you do not have to be a member to start this. I can provide direction if asked.

Program Execution

  1. It is designed as a 10-week program
  2. On a weekly basis, prior to class, you need to listen to the associated MP3s and complete a question set. This is a requirement to obtain the course certificate
  3. Be Proactive - Set a study schedule, if you leave it to 'when you have time' - it will not get done
  4. You have access to me via email ( throughout the program, and beyond if required

Post Program

  1. It is best to take the examination within one month of program completion. Metrics show that those who wait have lower success
  2. You continue to have access to me post course
  3. You will continue to have access to this eLearning system