These are the materials to help you on your PMP journey. My role is as a Servant Leader - I provide the support and guidance that you request. You know your capabilities the best, and your PMP success will be driven by your efforts (not mine). I provide a framework for success - it is your decision on whether you follow it or not.

Program Kickoff 

A key attitude of a successful Project Manager is proactivity, so there are a few items to ensure that you start the program with momentum

  • Get your PMI Membership in place - WWW.PMI.ORG - this provides you access to a softcopy of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and the Agile Practice Guide There are two versions of the PMBOK you need. You can order a hardcopy if desired - the best price is as a member through PMI.ORG

1.     The 6th edition has the PM Processes - It is the What of Project Management

2.     The 7th Edition has the PM Leadership Approach - it is the How of Project Management

  • Start your PMP Application - also through WWW.PMI.ORG - you do not have to be a member to start this. I can provide direction if asked.
  • There are 3 versions of the slide deck - depending on your learning style

1.     A workbook which follows the MP3s and has details of the content. I recommend these for taking notes while learning from the MP3s

2.     A version that shows full slides- DO NOT PRINT THE ENTIRE FILE - select those slides you need the most help with

3.     A presentation deck that provides a summary visual for each task

  • Get Familiar with the Support Tools - in the section below

Program Execution

  • It is designed as a 10-week program
  • On a weekly basis you need to listen to the MP3s and complete a question set. This is a requirement to obtain the course certificate
  • It lets me know where you are having challenges so I can emphasize those areas in any discussions
  • Be Proactive - Set a study schedule, if you leave it to 'when you have time' - it will not get done
  • You have access to me via email ( throughout the program, and beyond if required

Post Program

  • It is best to take the examination within one month of program completion. Metrics show that those who wait have lower success
  • You continue to have access to me post course
  • You will continue to have access to this eLearning system