These are the materials for the PMP Program, Kicking off 23 April 2021. You will have access until 2 months following the program (25 August 2021)

The materials are made available on a weekly basis, to get into the rythm required to successfully prepare for the PMP examination. 

  • The entire program slide deck is available now
  • The section called Support Documents is available, you should familiarize yourself with what is there

The suggested study approach is:

  • Listen to the MP3s of the upcoming session
  • Complete that week's practice question set
  • Do 150 questions a week from internet sources
  • Send Dan any notes on topics you would like emphasized in the live session

The question sets

  • Are not tied to the week's material, they are designed to get some practice in looking up to solutions, using refererences
  • Are required on a weekly basis (no later than Thursday Nights) to obtain the course certificate upon program completion. 
  • Are a two step process, you submit, I will let you know the ones to revisit. you resubmit, so submitting earlier in the week has advantages.

The live sessions are to maximize our interactive time.

  • They do not follow the slide deck, that is the role of the MP3s
  • They are designed as a review of key items, guided by your feedback on topics to cover
  • Practice doing some practice questions