Welcome to the Leadership by Examples Podcast Series.


These podcasts are designed to get you to think outside the box, to add some new ideas and techniques into your personal and professional lives. The overall program is to improve your capability in managing projects, and to assist with maintaining your Professional Development Units (PDUs) for PMI various certifications.

The Podcasts are aligned with 3 areas of self-development every employee, manager, and leader needs to success at work and in life:

1.    Project Management - Everybody is a Project Manager, we all have activities that need to be completed by a certain time, for a certain cost, to a certain quality measure

2.    Business Management - Our organization has a vision for success. As a member of this team it is our responsibility to make decisions and prioritize our efforts to help our organization succeed

3.    Leadership - Lead by our ongoing examples - everybody is the best at something, do we have the confidence and energy to assume our leadership role and motivate the team to follow.

These podcasts align with the Project Management Institute's requirements of continuing education in maintaining for PM certification. The chart below indicates the current podcasts available, and the category for claiming your professional development units (PDUs).

It will be your responsibility to document completion of the podcasts in your PMI Dashboard.